Do you think Google Wallet Philippines will be available soon?
Google Wallet For Android

Google had just announced a new version of mobile payments platform, I'm talking abut "Google Wallet", which now allow us users to send money to friends, families, clients, customers directly from credit and debit cards or a bank or Wallet balance, Store loyalty cards and join related programs, and online store and use Google offers like Valpak coupons and many more. The new Google Wallet application is a unexpected-able update because now it won’t us be limited to every own NFC enabled smartphones, but now of all Android handsets. The restriction of the app being U.S. only remains of course. 

Google Wallet For Android

So, Think of it! if someone having a Android 2.3 or higher, like Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC One Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Grand.., Now they can use the latest version of Google Wallet and to send money to any U.S. resident with an e-mail address (and 18+ age). That's cool! Are you agree?!

All amounts can be transferred for "FREE" from your balance on Google Wallet, a linked bank accounts and the add on of a slight charge that any can linked debit or credit card.
As SaikatBasu says: "The removal of the NFC restrictions for currency and credit transactions itself should see Google Wallet expand its user base and become a viable alternative to gateways like PayPal".
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