Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL

Last time i post about the news about Globe Telecom Limits the number of LOL players here in the Philippines - Read Here.

Now it's time to make some simple trick how to solve or how to bypass it using this:
  • Go to Google and Search Free-VPN
  • Download then install
[ VPN helps increasing your ping ]  
[ Then switch back to normal globe IP] 

Switch IP network settings "on the fly" without restarting
Switch Internet Explorer proxy-server settings
Switch your default printer
Switch your computer name and workgroup
Import current network settings to the setting
System-tray icon support, auto-start with windows

What you need are :
IP Address - [ Depends on your modem DHCP setting ]
Subnet Mask - Default [ ]
Default Gateway -
Your modem LAN IP address
DNS Server  - Use Public DNS [ ]

  • On Settings - Check IP and DNS
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  •  You can rename each IP - click edit
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  • Now If  you want to log in LOL  select - SMART and press F5 [ wait to apply the settings -  Don't Restart your Computer ]
Bypass Globe Limited Access in LOL
  • After logging in on your  in-game switch back to Globe IP. 
  • Done! 
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