Uncapped Bandwidth Limit SMARTBRO MyBRO PLDT

Change mac: Uncapped via router:
How to Uncapped or Reset Account Bandwidth Limit Tutorials.
    Connect one computer to the router via lan cable.

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        Open the router's administration tool type to your browser:   " or "
          Note: It will depend on your Router type
          Sample : LevelOne / CD-R King etc.

          • Now log in using your account or default router account.
          • Open the internet Setup Tab
          • Locate "Dynamic - ip (DHCP) Internet connection type
          • Change the mac address clone section last column or number
          • Go to Mozilla Firefox 
          • Type: "https://portalln.mybro.pldthome.com/login.php"
          • Login to your account (service reference number/account number)
          • (You can find your ref# on your billing receipt)
          • Wait maximum of 5 mins till reconnect to the internet
          • Go to Run and type CMD - enter
          • Type "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew"
          • Done! enjoy your uncapped bandwidth.

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