Tutorial how to snipe 5 mbps mac and motorola mac smart only

How to Snipe 5 Mbps MAC and Motorola MC (Smart)

1.Install angry ip scanner

2. Open ip scanner
  • Go to tools Preference 
  • Ports put port 12345,8080 
  • Uncheck for each host in bottom
  • Display host with open ports only
  • click okey.
3. Put in ip range example to

4. Start Sniping

5. If theres an open connection detedted, right click, open in telnet.

 Open admin:  login user: admin pass: admin

6. Then type ifconfig, find for eth0 hwaddress. (that's a 5mbps mac)

7. Open in browser http(ip12345) (kung gusto nyo pasukin yung uh235)

8. Port 8080 motorola. httpsmotorola ip8080 punta kayo sa about tab andun yung hinahanap nyo. sa motorola ang pass motorola sa nokia siemen nsn ang pass.

9. Done!

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