SKK Mobile Griffin Specs, Price, Availability
Two new Quad core from SKK Mobile with having both a cheap price of Php3,599. It comes with a 4GB internal storage with a 512MB of RAM.

Both SKK Griffin and Griffin 2 sports with a 4-inch WVGA LCD touch screen that runs under Android 4.2 Jellybean. 
Skk Griffin & Griffin 2 will come with a dual SIM dual standby.

SKK Mobile Griffin 2 Specs, Price, AvailabilityBoth also comes with a 5MP main camera with VGA front-facing camera. I was wondering why local brand here in the Philippines like SKK Mobile keep on producing a quad core processor with a low 512 RAM capacity? I guest this is not an ideal specs for those who want a smooth multi-tasking smartphone like playing a huge 3D games or  watching and surfing the net.

Infotech will update you soon as SKK not yet officially unveil this new handsets! Update for SKK Mobile Griffin and Griffin 2 mAh battery capacity, Mobile Griffin and Griffin 2 GPU, Mobile Griffin and Griffin 2 color availability.
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