DOTA RGC Banned Accounts

1.FIRST FORM FORMAT YOUR PC. - It's the most effective and easy to make, lasts an average of 30 minutes to install windows XP or windows vista or windows 7 then installed the warcraft and other programs, this certainly eliminate ban of your PC as it deletes the record RGC to your PC. Then enter RGC and create a new account without any difficulty or problem.

2.SECOND FORM SYSTEM COMMANDS IPCONFIG -., This second method have to be aware of programs IPCONFIG / all, IPCONFIG / release, IPCONFIG / renew, IPCONFIG / displaydns, IPCONFIG / flushdns, IPCONFIG / registerdns, IPCONFIG / showclassid, IPCONFIG / setclassid, IPCONFIG / allcompartments / all and more desbanean you the IP is the one I use when I banean in RGC, I Borro entire record of RGC to My Computer, then I created a new account on RGC and ready I can keep playing.

3.SENIOR PROGRAM FORM WITH CyberGhost -.'s A program that hides your IP with a camouflaged bone browse anonymously IP address even if you Baneen not only in RGC in any game you just change the IP whenever you want.

4.FOURTH WAY TO A PROGRAM CALLED SecurityKISS -.'s A wonderful program because it makes your IP in this example PERU, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, or any country in South America, appears in Europe or other continents and countries.
5.FIFTH METHOD WORKS BEST IF - formatted your PC then install their games, never install the RGC on the Local Disk C; You see me are by banning but restart MI PC ban clears and I think new accounts, the TRICK here frozen with deep freeze local drives C and D, never install a RGC in Local Disk C, only the D, if you can keep it in the RGC USB or main computer, remember to install the RGC in the Local Disk D and PC with deep freeze.

If the IP ban the user AGARES despite being frozen easy PC just shut down the modem wait a while then turn again, ready with that AGARES, THOR, ETC tease
-BM to the staff

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